The Revenge of the SmurfsGame Boy Advance
Top Gun FirestormGame Boy Color
Wacky RacesGame Boy Color
Minecraft Dungeons Hero EditionNintendo Switch
Metropolis: Lux ObscuraNintendo Switch
HelltakerNintendo Switch
Ronaldo V FootballGame Boy Color
V Rally Championship EditionGame Boy Color
Yu-Gi-Oh! – Duelo en las TinieblasGame Boy Color
Woody WoodpeckerGame Boy Color
UnoGame Boy Color
Teen Titans 2Game Boy Advance
Teen TitansGame Boy Advance
Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles Tournament TacticsGame Boy Advance
Snakes & LaddersNintendo Switch
The Outer WorldsNintendo Switch
LBX Little Battlers eXperienceNintendo 3DS
Pokemon Rumble BlastNintendo 3DS
50 Classic GamesNintendo DS
MonopolyGame Boy Advance
Robot Wars : Extreme DestructionGame Boy Advance